Sowards Systems Consulting is my baby. I founded the company as a way to help solve the non-corporate and personal needs that arise in today's high tech society. I am a graduate of the US Air Force Academy. I have been working in the computer field since the early 80's.

I have been involved in the computer industry for several decades now. I am acquainted with many environments from small to large from non-commercial to retail. I'd like to put my IT expertise to work helping making your life easier. Click on my nose for a resume.

Mark Sowards, CEO
Mark Sowards, CEO

Who we are

A small company, Sowards Systems Consulting will treat every client as the most important.

Our mission statement: Your problem becomes our problem and is solved to mutual satisfaction.

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A bit of history

Founded in 2011, SSC has consistantly strived for excelence and honesty. We treat each client with utmost respect and dedication to quickly and efficiently solve their problem.

Our clients consistantly speak of our people in glowing terms. They are completely saticfied with the solutions we developed and tasks we performed. You will be too.

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