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The Internet has become the latest utility. Are you managing yours for the best performance? Is it safe, sound, and secure?

Is your house wired or unwired. Did you get a new eReader (Kindle or Nook or...) do you need help hooking it up to your home's internet connection.

Do you have Wifi? Is it secure? Do you want to keep outsiders off your Wifi?

If you already have a wireless network, maybe you want to expand it. Does it cover the whole house? Is it weak in some area? We can do this simple fix in an afternoon.

We can help you with all this for less than you think. We will help you.
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Sowards Systems Consulting

Sowards Systems Consulting

by Sowards Systems Consulting

I am a computer systems administer and network engineer. I have experience (30 years) in almost every sector of computer business from PC build and repair to enterprise level network and systems...

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On-Line safety

You can never be too safe. When you are on-line make sure you have taken precaution to protect your accounts. Use Our Account Tracker application as a first line of defense to protect access to all your on-line accounts.

Visit our Account Tracker website and download a free Trial copy of Account Tracker.


Did you buy an internet ready Blu-ray, DVD or gaming device? Let us set it up for you. Are you ready to take your high-speed internet connection to the next level for entertainment? Let us design something special just for you.

Have you ever thought of storing all your movies digitally? No more shelf space wasted holding DVD boxes. We can put your DVD collection at your fingertips using your network and network storage. You can have a 21st century entertainment system.

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Who is watching your internet activity? Is someone watching you? Don't be paranoid, we are all being watched all the time, but we can protect ourselves.

At home Computing and internet access have become as essential and expected as phone service and electricity. But the internet can open your home to potential threats. ID theft, privacy invasion, financial record theft all and more are possible if you don't take the proper precautions. We can guide you and help keep you and your data safe.

Has your computer become a bottomless file cabinet or photo album where documents and photographs languish easily lost if that system has a fatal error? We can show you ways to safe guard these precious documents and even make a private internet photo album only you and your friends can view.

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Are you ready to through away your old system? Maybe it just needs a little work. For desktops, we can upgrade and improve performance cheaper than total replacement. For laptops, we can add more HD space more memory.

Do you have a systems that seems dead. Let us take a look at it maybe there more life there than you think.

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Sowards Systems Consulting