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Sowards Systems Consulting can help you with any aspect of your business computing. Below are just a few examples.

Software management

We can help you with software and hardware inventory tracking. We can review your requirements and provide you with options for the best software fit.

There are dozens of internet security applications; which one is right for you and your sales team? Do you want Anti Virus or Anti spyware, and/or anti malware? We can help you.

At SSC we take pride in listening to your wants and providing the best fit for the cheapest price.

Have you bought new enterprise level applications? We can get you installed and running ASAP!

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Software/hardware configuration

Is it time for your own email server, file server, or backup server? We can find the best hardware fit and get it installed quickly.

Do you want to centralize your laptop or desktop control?. Do you want in house or external data backup? These are the question we can help you answer and keep you on budget.

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We Specialize in Microsoft Access Databases. If you have a custom database that needs renovation or you need a whole new database contact us.

Visit our Account Tracker website and download a free Trial copy of a database turned application.


Do you want to install a wireless network? What level of encryption? How many guest networks? Do you want guest to access in office Devices?

Let us put in a firewall to protect you entire network from prying eyes (and ears).

Let us set up your office network so it is secure, but you can still access it form home.

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Productivity Consulting

Let's talk about your backup practices. Do you have a strategy? What are you backing up and what are you letting slide? What about viruses, malware, worms and adware? Do you have a antivirus strategy? How do you recover from an infection, from an invasion, from intellectual property loss? Best way to recover is to not let it happen in the first place.

On a corporate level are you protected from frivolous law suits due to internet access? Can some employee feel threatened by what another employee is viewing online at work? Policies and standards are fine, but real solid protection is better; firewalls provide that protection.

Lets sit down together and make some plans

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I am a computer systems administer and network engineer. I have experience (30 years) in almost every sector of computer business from PC build and repair to enterprise level network and systems...

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